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Aligning Body, Mind and Spirit

About Me

Hello Beautiful Souls, I am Shaman Natasha Rivers. I specialize in identifying, releasing and assisting in the recovery process of emotional and physical traumas. Finding solutions to resolving grief, pain, anxiety, depression, anger and many more uncomfortable and unnatural states. Since a young age, I have been able to connect with the elements, especially the element of music! It has steered my soul and is one of my main healing tools, using my voice and various healing instruments to clear out stagnant energy in the body. Everything I do comes from intuition, experience and the intention of pure love, as I was gifted multiple means of clairvoyance, giving me access to the Spirit world.  My practices have helped many (including myself) to find clarity of soul purpose, receive messages from deceased loved ones, and find long lasting relief from the emotional and physical distresses of life. A Hierophant first and foremost, I focus on guiding you to understanding how it all works, giving you access to your own unique spiritual gifts and personal power! This allows room for new and exciting opportunities the Universe has in store!  Self-Mastery is the goal. Self-Love is the key. We all have a spiritual warrior inside us. Are you ready to awaken yours?

Spiritual Reading/Advisement


Mix & Match


Couples Mix & Match $222

Shamanic Energy Healing


House Clearing/Blessing


Sound Therapy


Evidential Mediumship


What clients are saying

"Natasha is the most on point psychic I have met"

-Anonymous Client


Monday- Closed                                                  ALL SERVICES AVAILABLE VIA ZOOM! 

Tuesday- 9am-3pm

Wednesday- 9am-3pm                                               

Thursday- 9am-6pm                                      “Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world. 

Friday- 9am-3pm                                                    Today I am wise, so I am changing myself" - Rumi

Saturday- 9am-3pm

Sunday- Closed                                                                    

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